S9765 Oil Paint Scarf

S9765 Oil Paint Scarf

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It seems that all women love to wear scarves when they travel. They’re fashionable, packable, and so versatile.  The best part is, they can be worn anywhere at any time.  You won’t look ridiculous wearing it around your neck while walking through security, and you don’t have to make space for it later in your carry-on either.  Anything you can carry easily on your person for multiple uses is perfect for space-saving and looking great too!


Material:  100% Polyester

Design:  Oil painting

Dimension:  180 x 70 cm approx

Suggested Outfit:

Add fashion cred to basic jeans outfits this summer by wearing this beautiful scarf with your straight leg jeans and tank tops.  Loop it twice around your neck, make a knot in front, and let the ends dangle prettily.

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